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此时此刻,未来看起来就像一座大门,你可以径直走进被称为“365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的空间”。世界上伟大的生命正是经过这个365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的通道走向健康,全世界人民也正经过这个365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no之道走向生活和谐,全世界人民为了365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的表达和365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的思想而进行疾呼,他们通过这条路达到思想和道德的满足,也只有365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no才可以做到这一点。

365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no知道什么能发挥作用,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no能发挥作用,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no知道什么是权利,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no就是权利,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no也知道怎样为地球上的人类争取更加公正,幸福的生活。

365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no本纯,纯本自然,纯本为善………
破茧而出的365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no,沉寂已久的古老声音,
是365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的使命,
365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的质量制度不仅应该是同界的典范,
365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no没有任何错误的东西不能被正确的东西所纠正,
开始一个365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的新纪元。

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365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no必须像抚育自己的孩子那样来呵护365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的品质。

曾经守在孩子身边,看他们安然入睡的人知道什么是后世,后世就是行将到来的世界——它寄托着365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的理想,托付着365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的理念,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no对它负有神圣的责任。

365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no必须充分发挥365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的优势,向所有人提供更多优质的产品,同时也承担更多的社会责任。

A refreshing breeze is blowing gently. It blows the inferior product away, and it blows the old creed away, just like the?dead leaves will finally leave the trees, and now, PYUA is ready to forge ahead after passing all the quality tests.

365bet官网游戏At this time, the door to the future opens, and you can stride into the “Space of PYUA”. The great life in the world is heading for health and all the people is leading to harmony by passing through the space of PYUA. The world is cheering for the thoughts of PYUA, and they gain the satisfaction with their thought and morality from this way. All that, only PYUA can do.

PYUA knows that what can work, and PYUA can work. PYUA knows that what is right, and PYUA is the right. Also, PYUA knows how to strive for fairer and happier life.

PYUA is pure, and purity is natural and kind......

PYUA emerges in its full splendor, like the old voice is silent for a long time It struggles out in the chaotic world

It restores the food thousands of years ago

That is the mission of PYUA

The quality system of PYUA is not only the model of the peers

But also the impetus of revitalization

PYUA thinks that any wrong things can be corrected by the right things

So, we promise that we will end the era of deadlock

And start a new era of PYUA.

To ensure the quality, PYUA must be fearless to try the fields that the predecessors never dabbled in. Moreover, PYUA must achieve its goals in today’s competitive international environment. That is not easy, and it needs to be sacrificed. PYUA sacrifices for itself and for the world. PYUA can do it, and can do it well.

PYUA must care the quality just like we rear our children.People stay with their children and gently watch them to fall asleep, and they know what is the future. Future is a coming world - a world with the ideal and concept of PYUA, and PYUA must take the sacred esponsibility for it.

PYUA must fully exert its advantages, provide more high-quality products to all people, and at the mean time, take more social responsibilities.


有一种爱,叫365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no!
我们正在建设一个重现生机和活力的365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no,但是我们还要翻越很多座山,直到所有人类都充分享受到健康、安全和尊严这些他们生来就有的权利,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no不会停止努力,这是365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no作为伟大地球公民与生俱来的权利。

有一种善,叫365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no!
作为地球的公民·365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no,我们不能不全心协力地扩大质量坚持和品质安全的恩泽。一但365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no仔细研究了一个问题并确定是正确的,那么世界上的任何力量都不能使365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no偏离365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no所坚持的责任。

有一种事业,叫365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no!
365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no的首要任务是让人们安心使用商品,如果365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no明智而勇敢地面对它,这不是一个无法解决的问题。365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no可以像处理紧急状态一样处理这件事,由365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no直接招雇可部分地做到;但与此同时,通过这种投资完成,迫切需要的工程项目,它们将促成365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no对自然资源的利用。
在这个地球,365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no看到占总人口的大多数,此时此刻得不到目前最低标准所要求的大部分生活必需品的品质。
365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no看到数千万家庭依赖非标准的用品勉强过日,以致健康灾难的阴影日复一日地笼罩他们。
365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no看到数百万城乡居民的生活必需品仍处于上世纪前所谓的上流社会认为不体面的环境之中。
我们不是怀着失望描述这种情景的,而是怀着希望描述的,这是因为365bet网站是多少_365bet提现多久到帐_365bet no看到了,这是不公平的现象,而准备把它一一涂掉。

A love - PYUA!
We are reestablishing a brilliant PYUA full of vitality and vigour. We need to go over many mountains, until all the people can share health, safe and dignity, which are their birth right. PYUA will not stop trying, and this is also our birth right as a member of the world.

A goodness - PYUA!
As a member of the world, PYUA will exert its effort to insist the high quality and safe of the products. Once PYUA confirms that it is true, no power can shake the insistence and responsibility of PYUA.

A career - PYUA!
The first task of PYUA is to make people feel at ease to use products. If PYUA faces it wisely and bravely, that is not a problem. PYUA can settle it just like settling an emergent situation. Part of the task can be fulfilled by recruitment, but at the same time, the urgent project of completing this investment needs PYUA to make use of the natural resources.
In this world, PYUA sees that most of the people even cannot use the necessities with the minimum quality nowadays.
PYUA sees that thousands of families using the necessities below standards, causing the health problems and disasters hanging over them.
PYUA sees that millions of urban and rural residents using the necessities that were used in the unseemly environment before the last century.
We do not describe this scene with disappointment, but with hope. It is an unfair scene, and PYUA is ready to erase it.

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